Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hello everyone! Just startin' my new card design blog. Hope you all get a few good ideas from my ideas. And hopefully you can teach me a thing or two by adding your comments. Become a follower and I promise to post new cards at least every two or three days. I will also work on adding some of my techniques to my blog.
You may find some quilting and cat pictures here from time to time. I love to quilt and plan on posting a few pictures of some of my current projects soon. Hope you can find something here that you like. Come back as often as you can. I know we have something in common already!

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  1. Hi.....saw where you joined my followers and thought I would check your blog out.....well, guess a welcome to the world of stamper's blogging is in line......look forward to seeing what you post.....also see that besides stamping and cardmaking, we also share a love of the ocean and reading and did a lot of quilting several years ago .....

    I am so happy to hear that you are battling a strong fight against myeloma.....not happy that you have it, but happy that you are a nephrologist has been fighting that fight and had a bone marrow transplant last May....he donated to himself somehow.....he is doing outstandingly well and has not only returned to office work but is now back working his rounds at the hospital.....he has gained weight back, hair is all back, and he looks soooo healthy and I wish you the same if not better outcome.....

    happy stamping...happy blogging